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As during any construction work, we also had to face some small challenge. But one of the challenges has later become an unseen attraction. It’s our natural cave, or just the Cave, discovered during the construction of our hotel. Thanks to the enthusiasm, the great energy and persistence of the owner, the Cave was not only preserved, but all its natural beauty and uniqueness were emphasised thanks to the interior design, and especially the lighting. A special attraction is the starry sky, requiring over 300 miniature light bulbs. This unique place shows the strength, the patience and beauty of nature, thousands of years in the making, created by innumerable water droplets, some of which are approximately 8000 years old.

The Cave was made into a charming and modern bar, stretching over three levels. You can reach it by using the hotel lift or the stairs through a carefully dug tunnel that leads to the beautiful terrace located by the sea. The Cave inspires and impresses many travellers and explorers and it is often posted on blogs or portals dedicated to travelling. In the last ten years, the Cave Bar More has drawn attention of foreign media, and was named one of the best bars in the world. In 2014, named it one of the six world’s best subterranean bars.

In late 2013, Thrillist Media Group, one of the leading world portals for food, drinks, travelling and entertainment ranked it first on the list of the greatest bars in the world.

Also, in 2013, the magazine of one of the largest international airlines, The Delta Air Lines, Delta Sky Magazine, named the Cave Bar More one of the top five most special hotel bars in the world.

In addition to being a perfect place to relax and cool off in the sweltering summer days, when the temperature of the bar is always less than 24 degrees Celsius, the special environment of the Cave and its terrace are the ideal place to organise various events, especially intimate weddings.

In order to respect the laws of nature and its conditions, the Cave Bar More is closed during winter, and it opens its doors every year in March, and you can visit it until 31st October.


What others say about the Cave Bar More


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