We are lucky to be situated in one of the most beautiful locations in Dubrovnik, the gorgeous Lapad Bay, an oasis of greenery and blue.

The hotel is surrounded by lush Mediterranean plants, rich in colours and fragrances. The beautiful view of the Petka Hill forest and the unforgettable view of the luminous blue sea will soon bring you a feeling of indescribable peacefulness. Lapad is a peninsula, but do not be fooled – when you stay with us, you stay in Lapad (and not on Lapad). There, you have learned your first local expression.

If you are an outdoor and walking enthusiast, a trail is located under the hotel, by the sea, which stretches through Lapad and continues towards the famous part of the city known as Babin Kuk. Due to its wonderful position, the sea and the greenery surrounding it, this promenade has always been the favourite place of the people of Dubrovnik to spend their day.

The distance between Lapad Bay, also known as Uvala, from the historical part of Dubrovnik, the Old City, is only 3.5 km, while the distance from the hotel and the Dubrovnik Airport is 23 km. Lapad is well connected with the Old City, with a bus station near the hotel for the local lines, the buses arriving every 10 minutes.


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What a great team! From check-in to check-out: we were treated very well. That goes for Restaurant More too. We had an excellent meal. The staff were charming and it was a delight to eat outside, overlooking the sea. The view was spectacular. We plan to come back. Best wishes to all!

Guests of Hotel More, Cornwall, England
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